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Second Semester Neglect: An Update

As you can probably see, I’ve been away from the blog for a while and as you could probably read from the title, this is my apology and update for y’all!

First let me start off by saying that second semester kicked my butt. Come to think of it, second semester kicked everybody’s butt. I was so busy with engineering projects and homework that I barely had enough energy at the end of each day to crawl into bed. True story. Towards February, I was diagnosed with severe depression and nothing in my life seemed to make me happy. I started talking to a therapist, Rachel, and bless her heart, she listened to me talk for an hour each and every time I came to see her. She helped me figure things out, but talking to her wasn’t enough to make a change in my life. I didn’t want to tell anybody about it, not even my closest friends. But as I discovered, it’s easier to talk about it and let people in. All my friends were so supportive and a lot of them had dealt or were dealing with something similar. It’s amazing the amount of love I felt from everyone. A few weeks ago, I summed up the courage to tell my mom about it, and she took it hard. To this day she tells me that she wishes I had come to her sooner. In all honesty, I was afraid to, because I didn’t want her (and my father) to think I couldn’t handle myself at school. But they have proven to be supportive and loving like everyone else and for that I am thankful. My biggest supporter in all of this has been my boyfriend, and y’all let me just tell you it is no easy thing to be there and get most of the backlash from someone severely depressed. He must love me a whole awful lot because he was there for me every step of the way. ❤

In all of that, I discovered that my unhappiness stemmed from engineering and why would I want to stick with something that doesn’t make me happy? I decided to change majors and now I am a double major in Management with two concentrations and Finance. I am so looking forward to next year!

I am now home in California with my family for the summer, and am on the hunt for an apartment for next year. I have found one that I am in love with that is close to campus and friends. It’s a four bedroom, four bathroom, so I get to live with three roommates! It’s brand new and fully furnished and I cannot express how excited I am to live there (well, hopefully).

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8 Things Good Men Don’t Do

I hope everyone gets to find a good man

James Michael Sama

There is a lot of discussion floating around the internet about what makes a good man, or a “real man” in some cases. I’ve decided not to use the term “real man” here, though I was tempted by pop-culture to do so.

Each of us has our own unique background with our own unique upbringing, and has developed a view of the world accordingly, so each of us will see “goodness” differently. But, I think it’s fair to assume that we can all come together and agree that these eight habits or characteristics will never be found in a truly good man.



Good men are never abusive.

There are many different types of abuse, certainly not just physical, and certainly not just in a relationship. Someone can be emotionally abusive towards a child or pet as well as their significant other.

Regardless, they all have one thing in common: The…

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8 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do

James Michael Sama

Sometimes, building a solid healthy relationship isn’t just about what partners do, but what they don’t do.

Here are 8 things that you won’t find in the habits of happy couples.


Discourage each other.

Two people who love and care for each other would never attempt to discourage their partner or hold them back in life. They encourage and support each other when it comes to chasing after goals and dreams.

Holding someone else back while in a relationship will only lead to resentment in the long run – ironically, loosening your grip often keeps someone closer.

Play mind games.

Even something as simple as “how long do I wait before I call?” goes out the window when you’re with the right person who is mature and understands you. Call when you want to call, text when you want to text. There will be no games or manipulation when building…

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Nothing a good run can’t fix


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to run more. Since I’ve been back at school, I’ve tried to run 5 times a week. My class, work, homework and team schedule keep me crazy busy so sometimes it’s hard to fit in a run, especially when you’re just finishing your Physics homework at 11pm. Our campus gym doesn’t close until mid-night, which is nice, but by the time I get dressed, walk over, put my stuff in a locker and stretch, I’ve already lost about 15 minutes. I prefer to run on the indoor tracks that our gym has for many reason. 1. Our sidewalks around campus aren’t exactly in the best shape and there’s more than a 27% chance that you’ll fall into one of the pot holes that we call sidewalks. C’mon Purdue, get with it. 2. Snow has been covering the ground since November and I’m pretty sure that isn’t adequate terrain to run in/on. 3. When the snow melts, it likes to do this thing where it re-freezes and covers the sidewalks in ice. Even walking on those things is a death sentence. 4. It get pretty cold outside at night and I’m not trying to freeze my body part off. 5. I’ve had shin splints before and I definitely don’t want to get them again. So I’m going to run on my smooth track inside an air-conditioned building and just have to deal with my sadness about not being able to go outside (like running in air-conditioning is a problem. Ha!) and lastly 6. It’s dark outside. Like, why would I think it’s a good idea to go for a run when it’s pitch black and late? Momma didn’t raise no fool.


I run at night mostly because that’s what works for my schedule. I figured out a schedule that would be most optimal for running. It’s called the 3-1-2-1 method. You workout (in my case run) for three days, take a day of, workout (run) for two more days, and then take a day off. For me personally, I run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, take Thursday off since it’s my busiest/longest/most stressful school day, run Friday and Saturday and take Sunday off because Sunday is a day for rest. Rest and Jesus.

There’s nothing a good run can’t fix. It gives you time to free your mind, clear your thoughts and just escape. Or it could be a time to think, relax or release. For me, it’s all of the above. I ran 3 miles tonight and while my face is still beet red, I’ve never felt more confident. I pushed my body, both physically and mentally, to exhaustion. While it is draining, I’ve never felt better. I’m celebrating my run with a 70 calorie Mango protein smoothie. And let me tell you, it is the best thing ever.


Have a great, productive week!



P.S. Below is some great advice to follow.