8 Things Good Men Don’t Do

I hope everyone gets to find a good man

James Michael Sama

There is a lot of discussion floating around the internet about what makes a good man, or a “real man” in some cases. I’ve decided not to use the term “real man” here, though I was tempted by pop-culture to do so.

Each of us has our own unique background with our own unique upbringing, and has developed a view of the world accordingly, so each of us will see “goodness” differently. But, I think it’s fair to assume that we can all come together and agree that these eight habits or characteristics will never be found in a truly good man.



Good men are never abusive.

There are many different types of abuse, certainly not just physical, and certainly not just in a relationship. Someone can be emotionally abusive towards a child or pet as well as their significant other.

Regardless, they all have one thing in common: The…

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