There’s One In Every Family

Every family has that one person that always nags them, that always tells you how poorly you’re doing yet they sing the praises of everyone else. They are egocentric, long-winded and don’t like taking no for an answer. They like to tell you how to live your life because they think you’re doing it wrong. I’m sure by now, someone’s name has popped in your head and you’re remembering how much you hate being seated next to grandma so-and-so at family Christmas.

Most families are lucky to have just one of these. I say “lucky”, because in my family, there’s three. Triple the average! They are set in their ways and very, VERY stubborn. I couldn’t even rank them on a scale from for you because, well, it just goes from bad to worse! Not bad people, but oh boy, do they like to nag. The worst offender of the three though, has to be my father. He repeats himself at least three times a conversation, and always talks about the same things. My mom picks up the phone to call me now that I’m at school simply because she misses me (sweet, I know) and wants to talk and catch up. My dad calls to “check in” but what that really means is that he wants to see if I’ve scheduled a meeting with 30 different people and asks if the people in the financial aid office know me by my first name yet (the answer to both is no). If he doesn’t like something I say, he then gets mad at my mom for always taking my side (this happened tonight, which is the reason for this post). Oh, we’re sorry you can’t see how frustrating you are.

He’s not one for small talk because he just gets straight to the point and doesn’t even bother to ask about my day. If he ever called me to just chat, I think I’d fall over in disbelief. I mean, it’s simple to talk about the weather I think, my mom and I often converse about this. That might be because she wants to rub her Oh-It’s-62-And-I-Need-A-Coat weather in my Yeah-It’s-25-Below-Zero-And-I’m-Still-Walking-To-Class weather. She and I joke, kid around, something my dad doesn’t understand. He thinks when we joke that we’re being serious and accuses us of starting drama. Clearly, someone might have been was born without a sense of humor.

Well dad, if you don’t laugh at yourself, nobody else will want to laugh with you, near you, or anywhere in the vicinity of you. You can’t take life too seriously. In order to survive life, you need a good sense of humor and some humble knees that aren’t afraid to pray. I’m sure my father has “good intentions” but all he does is frustrate me and make me forward his calls to voicemail.

Thanks for listening to my rant.



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