What defines me

Hey all!

I decided to title my blog “We Are What Defines Us” for a few reasons. It’s a weird title, I know, but hear me out. I was sitting at my desk in my dorm room, taking a break after battling with my Physics homework (the worst!) for the longest time, and sat there thinking about what made me different from anyone else. I’ve been a lot of things in my life: the smart girl, the tall girl, the tomboy, the socially awkward girl–wait I’m still that girl, the perfect girl, the girl who wore too much black eyeliner, the athletic girl, the golf girl– the list could keep going. There’s a common theme among all these “things” I’ve been: I was always defined by what I did, the grades I got, how much make-up I chose to wear, even my height (I’m 5’9″ by the way). What struck me the most, was that this is how the world saw me, or at least that’s what I was to the world. We can try all we want to fight labels, but we’ll just get labeled as crazy or anything of the like. No matter what, we will ALWAYS be subject to labels. Instead of going on about how tainted and distorted society is, I’ve come to terms with it. I know I’ll be labeled. I will be what the world defines me as. Stop. Before you start thinking that I’ve succumbed to defeat based off my last statement , let me assure you I have not. I am what defines me, and what defines me will always be subject to a label. So why not be the best version of me that there is? Who I am and what I decide to do with my life is the definition of me. The thing about it, is that I am so many things that I can’t just be thrown on to a pile of stereotypes with others who fit the same stereotype that I do. I am me, and I am darn proud of that.

So who is me, you ask? Well here, let me define myself for you:

I am Kate. I am Kaitie. I am also Kaitlin. My name depends on who I’m with. I’m well above the average height of a female. I’m a Freshman engineering major at Purdue who doesn’t get as nearly enough sleep as I should. I am doing paid undergraduate research with one of my favorite professors and it’s wonderful. I love that job more than anything. I’m an abnormally healthy eater who loves to run and watch Netflix (anything to not do homework)! I have a large, crazy family whom I love dearly and a boyfriend that I am promised too. Now, I know that sounds medieval, but I assure you that’s not the case. We exchanged promise rings before I left again for school. I love him dearly as well. For his sake, I won’t give his name, so we’ll call him C. Our story is too long to tell right now, but I’d be happy to tell it some other time; it’s a great one! I’m a California, struggling my way through a mid-western winter. Temperatures below zero were not in my vocabulary before I moved here. I’m a follower of God, who’s faith is being tested and religion is a little bit of everything. I’m a sister of Phi Sigma Rho who loves watching football.

That’s enough about me for now, as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of things about me later on in my blog. I decided to write this blog as a way of release, therapy, comfort. Sometimes it’s easier to write than talk. Easier to read than write, easier to love than lose. When I can’t express myself the way I want verbally, I turn to writing. So welcome. Welcome to my life, my trials, my adventure.  You get to see it all. Nothing but raw, full fledged, unadulterated emotions. I hope that my writing not only helps me, but helps others as well. Helps others feel they can relate to me, help others to know that someone has been there and knows what they’re going through. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.



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