I’ve had enough! (Not of life, just of my roommate)

Nothing frustrates me more than my roommate’s lack of consideration and her entitled attitude. Maybe it’s just me and my inability to tolerate people who lack the a fore mentioned quality, but I think some consideration should be taken when two girls are shoved into a shoebox sized room and forced to make the best of it. I assure you, “the best of it” was not made in this case. I thought I had a great roommate to begin with, we had many similar interests and talked a lot over the summer. Weeeell, about 4 or 5 weeks into our fall semester it all went downhill. She’s sloppy and unkempt and never washes the dishes I lent her. No, that’s okay, I really like dried on cereal from two months ago in my breakfast bowl. I’ll just get out my chisel to clean it. No warnings are given when her obnoxious friends are going to be over or when her boyfriend is going to be spending the night with us, which is a lot lately.

The purpose of this post, you ask? Well, it has to do with that last point I made. Once I meandered my way back to my room from the laundry room I was camped out in, I had hoped that her boyfriend would be gone, considering that it was about 3AM when I returned. But no, no that would be asking too much. I saw his Delta Upsilon stamped back pack and a large pair of boots in the middle of the floor. Again?! On Thursday’s my roommate and I have to get up at the same time to get to class but today when I woke up I looked over at her loft and saw a man sleeping in his underwear, still there from the night before, still spooning my roommate. Well, I guess only one of us is going to class today. I was being as quiet as I could be, and I still woke them up. Excuse me for making noise in my own room. You’re right, I shouldn’t spray my hairspray or make my breakfast. On top of that, I had to keep looking over my shoulder while getting dressed this morning. Yeah, having him sleep in our room is my dream come true. I won’t say anything more on that matter, except for that I hope they missed all their classes and their grades suffered immensely. I’m not a mean person, but this has been going on far too long and I’ve just had enough.

Have a pleasant day!



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